10 Ways to Make Money with Web Hosting

Published: 26th March 2012
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There are so many ways to make money online with millions of people accessing the Internet on a daily basis. Whether you design websites, are a web hosting reseller, have numerous websites selling products or services, became an Affiliate to other website’s products and services, use article marketing, blogs or text link ads to pull in traffic, you could find just the right niche or combination that could take off and make you a ton of money especially with the right web hosting service and marketing tools.
Here are ten ways to make money with web hosting you should consider:
1. Advertising – Advertising is one of the primary ways to lead traffic to your website to generate sales. Here are some of the ways you can direct targeted traffic with advertising: Innovative ads that lead visitors to your website(s), targeted articles, blogs, forums or product reviews that link to the web hosting product(s) page, get paid commissions for sales from ads that promote your Affiliate’s web hosting products and services. Some hosting companies offer free or low cost web hosting with the stipulation of posting their ads on your websites which may help you save money but could cost you in other features you have to pay for. There are plenty of web hosts that offer free web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, disk space and web tools needed to set up your website so shop around.
Once your ads are in place, you should track the traffic and sales statistics. Many hosting plans include a web statistics program that can track your statistics so you know which ads are successful and which ones aren’t giving you results. If a web statistics program is not included with your hosting plan, there are low cost or free programs available at little to no cost. It’s a great tool to track your progress.
2. Affiliate Programs – Web Hosting Affiliate programs are a great marketing tool where other websites or individuals drive traffic to a web hosting site by various methods of advertising. Affiliates are usually paid commission based on the number of visitors to the Merchant site that complete an offer by purchasing the web hosting plans, products or services advertised. Commissions can be set up to be paid on various levels: A base commission of either a flat fee or a percentage of sales is the first level. The next level or tier is a multi-tier commission paid on indirect sales generated by affiliates recruited by another affiliate member.
There are numerous ways to drive traffic to an Affiliate Merchant’s website. Posting an ad on your website or writing an article with a link to the merchant’s site are very effective methods. Advertising in multiple venues such as a blog site and submitting multiple articles to the article directories. Multiple websites can increase direct traffic to Affiliate Merchant’s website with your link or discount coupon codes which in turn can become an income producing business prospect for you.
3. Affiliate Referrals – Some Web Hosting Affiliate programs payout a flat fee for every referral to any of their shared or reseller hosting plans. There is also a second tier that payout for every referral to one of their full dedicated server plans. This can be a great way to produce a passive income.
4. Are you a Web Designer? – Let’s face it, if a website isn’t attractive and doesn’t function properly, visitors won’t stay long enough for you to get their business. A web designer can create websites with ads and features that can attract the big and small businesses that need features that cannot be found in a ready-made website. Because its custom designed, you can make good money for your time. Web hosts or resellers often offer ready-made websites at a reasonable price or free templates to clients to design their own webpages included with their hosting service. Team up with the Hosting providers and Resellers; creating ready-made websites or offer custom designed websites with a discount coupon that the Hosting provider can offer their clients when they sign up for a premium hosting plan. Or start making money as a web host reseller, where you can sell turn-key websites that can be purchased at a discount with specific hosting plans.
5. Creating Traffic Writing Reviews – Most of the review websites are usually Affiliates to a few hosting companies so they make money when visitors that read their review purchase a web hosting plan. Having firsthand knowledge of the hosting plans gives you the content to write realistic reviews and the perks their plans include. There are websites that investigate each hosting company before writing a review. If you are receiving compensation from your reviews, it must be posted on your website. This is another great way to develop another stream of income.
6. Free or Paid Web Hosting – Free web hosting is a great way to reduce costs but be careful that the terms aren’t only free for a fixed period of time, such as six months to a year. Finding “Totally Free” Web hosting is possible but you will have to get the terms and conditions of the hosting provider’s agreement and read it thoroughly. There may be features that have to be paid for with free web hosting that is normally included in the monthly cost for paid web hosting; features such as Domain names and registration, or website building tools, software downloads, site transfers that may have a fee per occurrence or per year as with domain names. Sometimes you will need to allow the hosting provider to post ads, RSS feeds, banners, text links or pop-ups on your free website. You can also find hosting providers that offer a 100% free, fully customizable, professional online storefront where you can sell your own products and keep 100% of the profits. Your own free Ecommerce solution that includes a free sub-domain, free shopping cart, free ecommerce web hosting and free advanced ecommerce website design and creation tools. Believe it or not, paid web hosting can be inexpensive and offer features that include a free domain name, unlimited storage and data transfer, unlimited email boxes plus storage, website building tools and everything you need to build a professional looking website, backup your websites, security and privacy tools as well as guaranteed uptime. It is well worth the cost and can wind up paying for itself.
7. Keywords and Phrases for SEO – Keywords and phrases are an important tool that leads targeted traffic to your website. Not only do you make money when your website ranks high in the search engines, but keywords and phrases are the key to sales and marketing on the Internet. Researching for the right keywords and phrases is an important part of sending targeted traffic to generate sales. Search Engine Spiders depend on keywords and phrases to find your website (s). It is absolutely imperative that the exact keywords and phrases
appear generously throughout your site copy on every page of your site. You should limit your use of keywords and phrases to two or three per web page. Keywords and phrases appear in other areas too such as:
• above your site logo
• in the subheadings
• headlines
• within the paragraph content
• meta title
• subtitle
• within links (anchor phrases)
• meta keywords
• images (alt tags)
Be careful not to overdo placing your keywords on your pages, articles or reviews. If they appear too much, it can affect how you rank in the search engines. By sending targeted traffic to your website (s) or Affiliate sites, you can generate sales as well as commissions for Affiliate sales or referrals.
8. Offering Free Products Can Bring Traffic to You – An excellent way to bring traffic to your website is by offering a free product, service or package of products. While you have the customer interested, you could direct attention to other products and services they might be interested at a low or reasonable price. They could be interested in the topic and sign up for a weekly newsletter or receiving email notification of new products on similar or related topics. Never underestimate how dynamic a marketing tool this can be.
9. Profiting from Reseller Web Hosting – Every website needs web hosting service to be online. As a web hosting reseller, you resell other companies or individuals hosting services as your own. There are a lot of advantages as a reseller. No equipment to purchase and maintain such as your own servers or the latest software which can be a large initial investment. The web host provides the servers, customer support, site building software and tools, domains and sub domains, email accounts, cPanels, security and privacy features. Hosting for your Affiliate websites is usually free. Resellers can make a lifetime income from repeat business for hosting plans, domain names and upgrades.
10. To Blog or not to Blog – Since blogs are created to talk about a specific topic, they are a great way to lead targeted traffic to wherever you need to, such as your product page on your website or an Affiliate ad that leads to their product page or ad to generate a commission. It can be a combination of those things that bring sales and commissions to you. It can be a fun place to talk about a topic you enjoy or are an expert about and develop an income-producing venture. Whatever your niche, a blog is a great tool to bring targeted traffic your way.

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